International School of Law and Business - Vilnius

International School of Law and Business Vilnius

58 Laisves Av, Vilnius


Erasmus code: LT VILNIUS15


Telephone: +370 524 10 129


Number of inhabitants in the city: 557 000

Number of students in the university: 2 500


Program: Business Management, Tourism and Hotels


Academic calendar:

Fall:             September - January

Spring:        February - June



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A newly opened comfortable guesthouse “Ineco”.

33 Double room facilities: New and comfortable beds, Wireless internet, Handy cupboard with shelves, Work desk with drawers, Opaque curtains black out, Shower, Laundry room and Kitchen. The price per person for a double room is around 690 LTL/200 EUR per month.


Useful information:

  • Vilnius is the biggest city and the capital of Lithuania; It is located in the Southeast of the country and is located only 40km from the border to Belarus
  • The university offers a welcome week for exchange students
  • In Vilnius you can find nice restaurants and coffee houses, as well as an amazing Street Food Market on every Friday; There are many bars and clubs, as well as an industrial party and music venue called "Loftas", where great musicians and famous DJs perform their acts
  • In your freetime you can visit museums, art galleries or theatres, but you can also relax in one of the parks, enjoy the town's magnificent street art or go to the cinema; If you prefer an active lifestyle, then you can visit one of the various sport fields, the skate park or even the nearby adventure park; You can also easily rent a bike or explore the famous rotating TV tower and if that is not enough, then you can still decide to become a blacksmith by visiting a workshop to learn that profession
  • Vilnius has a picturesque old town that is part of UNESCO World Heritage and is, due to the high amount of churches, often called "Rome of the East"










Business Communication




Theory of Economics


Basics of Management


Applied Mathematics


Electives   Politics and EU studies


Art of Speaking


Professional Foreign Language 1


Business Economics




Basics of Law




Accounting and Taxes


Intercultural Communication


Business Economics




Quantitative Methods


Applied Research


Finance Management


Business Operation Management


Consumer Behavior


Human Resource Management


Informational Business Management Systems


Internship  Professional Internship


Sales Management


International Business


Business Strategies


Entrepreneurship and Leadership


Risk Management


Electives       Quality Management


Project Management


International Marketing


Constitutional Law


Legal Theory


Industrial Safety and Ergonomics


Professional Foreign Language I


Professional Language and Document Management




Philosophy; Politics and EU Studies; Professional Ethics and Rhetoric; Intercultural Communication;


Applied Research


Administrative Law and Administrative Process


Civil Law I


Theory of Economics


International Public Law


Professional Foreign Language II


Psychology for lawyers


Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law


Civil Law II


Labor Law


European Union Law


International Private Law


Intellectual Property Law


Civil Procedure Law


Commercial Law I


International Business Economics




EU Company Law; Human Rights Protection in the EU; Consumer Law; Insurance Law




Professional Internship


Financial and Tax Law


Commercial Law II


Competition Law


Business Project Management


International Investment Law


International Transportation Law


Basics of Tourism


Intercultural Communication


Business Communication


Professional Foreign Language 1






Creative Self-Cognition


Culture and Civilizations


Tourism Law


Basics of Hospitality


Professional Foreign Language 1


Applied Tourism Economics


Tourism Geography


Electives World Environment Protection and Conservation


Lithuanian National Heritage


World Hotels


Professional Foreign Language 1


Professional Foreign Language 2


Hotel Operations Management


Food and Beverage Management


Hotel Administration Systems


Accounting and Taxes in Tourism and Hotel Business


Event Management


Professional Foreign Language 2


Customer Service


Human Resource Management


Professional Training


Tourism Market Research


Service Management


Service Marketing and Sales


Sustainable Tourism


Electives Alternative Tourism


Professional Ethics and Communication



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