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Icelandic as second language

The purpose of the University preparation programs is to provide people with opportunities to seek good preparation for university studies in Iceland. Two programs are offered: The University Gateway program and Icelandic as Second Language program. Both are fully online. 

The University Gateway program It is a two year program to prepare students for University in Iceland. It is designed for those who not meet general admission requirements for University and have Icelandic as their second langauge. The program consists of core subjects that provide strong preparation for university studies. The main subjects are Mathematics, English and Social sciences. It is part time as students are expected to also be enrolled in Icelandic courses. Courses in the second year are instructed in Icelandic with language support. The program is 70 credits at the Icelandic upper-secondary school level. 

The Icelandic as Second language program is designed so students can study alongside work or other studies. The  program provides classes that span levels A.1.2 to B.2 on the European Language framework. Each class is six week long. Those who start at level A.1.2 can expect to reach level B.2 in two years. At the end of the program students will be able to use Icelandic in work and studies. Student take a language assessment test at the beginning of their studies and are placed in a course according to their ability level. Students need to pass a test to cross between levels, and will receive a certification of their abilities each time reach a new level. 

Application deadline for the University Gateway program is June 20.

The deadline for the Icelandic as Second Language is August 14.