University Gateway in English

The University Gateway program prepares students for University studies at Bifröst University at the BA level. The program also provides foundational education at the secondary school level and provides students with skills for employment.

The University Gateway program is available both in English and Icelandic. Full time students can finish the program in one year. Students can also take the program part-time over a longer period. Employed students who take the program part time register to University Gateway with employment. Students can also register to single classes from the program through the Department of Lifelong Learning.

Studying the Icelandic language is a significant part of the University Gateway program. Students can choose to take one or more courses of the program in Icelandic in order to deepen their knowledge of the Icelandic language. In addition to Icelandic students take courses in Mathematic and English as well as some specific courses that prepare them for further studies, active participation in society and employment. The University Gateway Program is 70 credit units at the secondary school level.

Here you can see the course plan of the University Gateway program

Here you can see the curriculum for the University Gateway program for the 2022-2023 schoolyear

Admission requirements

The University Gateway program is for adult learners. In order to be eligible for studies in the program you will need to have an Icelandic identification number (í. kennitala). In addition you wil need to fulfill any of the following academic requirements:

  • Completion of a learning program at ISQF level 2 / EQF level 3
  • Completion of the equivalent of 100 credit units at the Icelandic secondary school level

Foreign educational documents are evauated by Enic naric Iceland to assess if admission requirements are fulfilled.

Students in the University Gateway program may be eligible for a student loan from the Icelandic student loan fund. Information about the eligibility are available on their website.

According to information from the Icelandic directorate of immigration, studies in the University Gateway program does not make you eligeble for a residence permit for students. 

Structure of teaching

Most classes in the University Gateway Program are taught in six-week long sessions, with one additional week for assessment. The classes are online, with one on-campus weekend-workshop per six-week session. Information about the sessions and workshops are available in the School Calendar.

Flipped learning is an integral part of teaching methods in the program. Students can watch instruction in online lectures, and are provided with guidance on their assignments.  Students are expected to actively participate in discussions.

Registration fee

The price for each credit unit is ISK 3.500, so each 5 credit class costs ISK 17.500. When application is approved the student pays a confirmation fee of ISK 35.000, for 10 credits. The remainder of the registration fee will be billed after the deadline is due for changes in course registration. 

Opportunities for further studies at the completion of the University Gateway program

A student who successfully completes the University Gateway program fulfills the admission requirements for BA studies in all departments of Bifröst University. Other universities have their own admission requirements and students who plan to apply other universities are encouraged to seek information about the admission requirements of that University before starting the University Gateway program.