Open Access Policy

It is the policy of Bifröst University that the scientific output of academic employees at the University should benefit as many as possible. To this end, academic staff members of Bifröst University agree that they will endeavour to publish their scholarly articles in an open-access format, either by means of open-access journals or open-access archives. Furthermore, all members of the academic staff authorise the University to make scholarly articles authored by them publicly available and to save them in an open access archive such as Opin vísindi (, which is the institutional repository for all university libraries in Iceland for such articles. This applies to all scholarly articles authored or co-authored by members of Bifröst University’s academic staff for the duration of their employment.

The policy does not apply to books, teaching materials, reports, advisory opinions or materials other than scholarly articles published in academic journals.

The Rector, or an authorised representative of the Rector, may exempt individual scholarly articles from this resolution or delay their publication for a set period, should the employee in question submit a written request.

All members of the academic staff shall submit an electronic copy of the final author version of their scholarly articles to the University’s library in an appropriate format (such as PDF), as instructed by the library. They shall do so at no cost to the University and no later than on the date of publication.

The library of the University may make the article publicly available in an electronic open access repository. The Rector shall make a decision concerning any matters of dispute that may arise.


Reviewed at a meeting of the University Council, May 15th 2019

Approved by the Rector, June 4th 2019


This is a translation of the document Stefna um opinn aðgang. In the event of any discrepancies between the translation and the original text, the original shall take precedence.