Study at Bifröst

Bifröst University is a private, non-profit institution, set on a rural campus outside Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík. Founded in 1918, Bifröst has a long history of training outstanding individuals for careers in business and politics. Bifröst has always devoted itself to the education of future leaders. Its alumni include many of Iceland’s most prominent business and political figures.

Bifröst offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in three academic departments: Business, Law and Social Sciences. In addition to degree programmes, there is a one-year foundation programme for students lacking full university entrance qualifications, as well as various life-long learning programmes.

Bifröst cultivates an atmosphere of learning and professionalism in a stimulating academic environment. Faculty is committed to working closely with students, providing feedback and guidance.

The main teaching language at Bifröst University is Icelandic, with a selection of undergradate courses taught in English, see here.