Strategic Intent 2030

For over a century, Bifröst University has proudly been in the forefront of Icelandic society, educating people for impact and responsibility within business and society at large. We aim to strengthen Icelandic businesses and society by offering quality education in the fields of business, law, and social sciences. As a rural university, Bifröst University strives to ensure equitable access to education, regardless of place of residence, to people of all walks of life who endeavor to attain a higher education.

In the process of looking forward, of envisioning what the coming decade will bring, we have asked ourselves important questions. What do we aspire to be? What benefit does Bifröst University bring to society? Where should a small quality-driven university, such as Bifröst University , invest its resources in order to serve society to its fullest capacity? With these questions in mind, Bifröst University has looked ahead to create a strategic intent for the coming decade which will support us in our mission.

The Strategic Intent 2030 of Bifröst University can be downloaded in the reader below.