The cooperation in the fields of business intelligence and artificial intelligence for science and education

  • Basic Information

    Partners: University of Economics in Bratislava – Faculty of Economic Informatics – responsible person Dr. Miroslav Hudec, Bifröst University Iceland – responsible person Assist. Professor Hanna Kristin Skaftadottir.

    Duration: The official start is September 1, 2023, and the end is August 31, 2024.

  • Project Description

    The main purpose of the project is mutual cooperation in the emerging fields of business intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence. Positive and negative impacts should be evaluated and documented for the benefits of education and society.

    This goal will be realised by the short research visits, seminars, improving study materials, and preparing topics for master theses on the University of Economics in Bratislava and the Bifrost University. The results achieved will be published by the end of the project; an article will be submitted to the journal.

  • Project Objectives

    The main purpose of the project is to improve the already established bilateral cooperation to a higher level in the emerging fields of teaching and research in the fields of business intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence, as well as the impact of these two concepts on society.

    One of the objectives is also the participation of students and young researchers. On the Slovak side, we include mainly women, as here is a lack of women in (explainable) artificial intelligence, business intelligence.

  • Tasks an their Realization
    • Survey
      The survey was launched at the beginning of December. The main findings will be added after a deeper evaluation.

    • Workshops and Conferences
      The first meeting was held in week 20.11.-24.11. 2023. More information

      One day was a conference: Methods and Technologies for Knowledge Extraction from Data for Economic Practice in Bratislava, where project team members gave their respective talks.

    • More information

      During the project workshop, we discussed our tasks and created a basis for outputs (e.g., agreed on the final structure of survey, improvements of the study materials). Information from the next meetings will be added in due time.

    • Study Material Improvements
      Online communication and the first workshop launched ideas to improve our study materials.

    • Autumn semester
      Business Intelligence
      We improved part related to visualisation of BI reporting by XAI and life cycles of BI solutions. Materials are in Moodle.

    • Spring semester
      Knowledge Management Technologies
      Under development

      Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
      Under development

      Knowledge discovery in data by computational intelligence
      Under development
    • New Topics for Master Theses
      Topics related to the application of business intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence will be added.

    • Lectures to Students
      Hanna Kristín Skaftadóttir gives lectures to students of University of Economics in Bratislava on Ethics in AI and a practical case presentation on the use of Synthesia technology.

    • Journal Article
      The journal article will be finished and sent to review by the end of the project.
    • Further Achievements beyond the Planned Ones
      The principal investigators of both universities initiated the call for a special session related to XAI for smart communities considering ethnicity at the ICEIS conference indexed in WoS. Link (Miroslav Hudec is the session co-chair, Hanna Kristin Skaftadottir is the programme committee member).

      With the significant support of Hanna Kristin Skaftadottir, Miroslav Hudec has applied for the VMG in the frame of COST Action CA19130 with the topic: The synergy of statistical approaches and fuzzy logic approaches in mining patterns from p2p loan data. The participants are from seven countries.