Organisation and Administration

Bifröst University is a private non-profit institution. The highest governing body at Bifröst is its five-member Board of Governors. The Board of Governors appoints the Rector, who is responsible in turn to the Board of Governors for the financial management of the University and its day-to-day operation. The Rector represents the University in dealings with employees, students and external parties.

The fifteen-member Council of Representatives is the highest authority in the affairs of the University as they relate to operating activities and financial matters.

The University Council acts as an advisory body on the internal affairs of the academic community and has the right to appoint members for the University’s Board of Governors and the Council of Representatives. University Council meetings discuss major issues concerning the University at any given time, its internal operations, amendments of its rules and regulations and its strategy.

There are three Academic Departments at Bifröst University offering university-level studies: The Department of Business, the Department of Law and the Department of Social Sciences. Departments offering university-level studies take the initiative in academic policymaking and development of study programmes, and they have responsibility for course content and quality of studies. Each department has a department board which acts as an advisory body to the Head of Department.

Academic Services is responsible for information on students; including course history, enrolment in and withdrawals from courses, and grade registration. Academic Services handles enrolment and graduation and supervises the academic schedule, preparation of timetables, classroom arrangements and teaching assessment for courses. Academic Services receives formal matters from students and decides accordingly as relevant. Decisions of the Academic Services may be appealed to the Appeals Committee. Two main IT systems are in use at Bifrost University; Ugla is the student registrar system and Canvas is the learning management environment (LMS) for students and teachers.

In addition to Academic Departments, there is a Department of Preparatory Studies for students not meeting the minimum requirements for admission to undergraduate programmes. Bifröst University also engages in continuing education.

The Rector’s Office oversees central administration at Bifröst University and run the Department of Development and International Affairs. Two divisions, the Academic Services Division and Operations and Finance Division, provide administration support services for all departments at Bifröst University.