International Policy

Bifröst University emphasises collaboration with international universities, institutions and associations that participate in innovation and development. Bifröst University endeavours to strengthen its multinational contact network through agreements with its sister institutes and participation in research and development projects in collaboration with education institutions that engage in research and innovation. Teachers and students of the University are encouraged to take advantage of the University’s contact network and develop new contacts through active participation in teacher and student exchange, thereby enhancing their knowledge and broadmindedness.

It is the policy of Bifröst University to move toward further internationalisation, among other things through study programmes offered in English and the Summer University at Bifröst. Through these activities, the University takes a decisive step toward enhanced course offerings for the international market. An endeavour will likewise be made to identify and develop cooperation projects with international parties, with the objective of developing course offerings for the national and international market.

Bifröst University lays emphasis on:

  • encouraging students of the University to take part of their studies (one to two semesters) at one of Bifröst University’s partner schools.
  • welcoming international exchange students to study at the University.
  • working on the development of new study programmes in English for international students.
  • encouraging employees of the University to teach at partner schools abroad.
  • welcoming international visitors, instructors and scientists who provide Bifröst University with the knowledge and value to strengthen international collaboration and to enhance the international reputation and prestige of the University.
  • strengthening its position through active participation in international research and scholarly collaboration, developing a cooperation network with schools and institutes around the globe.
  • increasing instructor and student participation in multinational projects.
  • developing and enhancing the activities of the International Summer University at Bifröst.
  • identifying opportunities for innovation and diversification of course offerings in collaboration with international parties.


Reviewed at a meeting of the University Council, May 15th 2019

Approved by the Rector, June 4th 2019


This is a translation of the document Alþjóðastefna. In the event of any discrepancies between the translation and the original text, the original shall take precedence.