Bifröst University Policy on International Activities

Bifröst University emphasises active participation in the international community and its activities. The objectives of the policy on international activities shall be achieved by integrating the policy with the institution’s educational offerings and by ensuring an international dimension in learning and teaching and by participation in research and development with other universities and stakeholders.

A purposeful emphasis on social responsibility in learning content bears witness to the Bifröst University objective to educate people for positions of impact and responsibility in the economy and the community. The University community is open and international. As stated in the Bifröst University Policy Objectives to 2030, Bifröst University makes its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by integrating its curricula with the SDG objectives.

Bifröst University is a leader in digital education and places emphasis on enhancing and developing opportunities for digital learning exchange studies through strong cooperation with distance teaching universities abroad. 


 Bifröst University policy is:

  • That in each study programme, electives are offered for study abroad, and that distance learning exchange studies will be among the options.
  • That credit study-abroad programmes, short or long, are always an option and are appropriately recognised in a student’s learning record.
  • That in each study programme there is at least one course taught in English each semester. Such a course can be taught by a teacher from the department in question, or jointly with a cooperating foreign university.
  • That students have equal opportunities and flexibility to study abroad during their learning, and additionally that all learning should nevertheless have an international dimension, regardless of whether students live abroad during their learning.
  • That students are informed about opportunities for exchange studies during orientation days and during on-campus sessions.
  • That each study programme should offer distance teaching in cooperation with other distance teaching universities.

Bifröst University policy for exchange students:

  • That learning at Bifröst University should be accessible for exchange students with varied backgrounds, where they fulfil University entry requirements.
  • That courses taught in English should be available, both in on-campus learning and in distance learning. This will ensure that all students at the University can attend these courses.
  • That exchange students at Bifröst University should receive information at the start of term from student counsellors, from Academic Services, and from teachers, about the support available to them in their learning.
  • The cooperation of Bifröst University students’ union should be elicited to ensure that exchange students are offered a mentor from the student body at the University.
  • That exchange students who come to Iceland to study at Bifröst University are offered a course on the Icelandic language and culture.


Bifröst University policy is:

  • That student and staff exchange should be an integral part of the institution’s activities.
  • That all teachers and staff should have the option of participating in teacher and staff exchange, which gives the opportunity to expand personal networks, strengthen cooperation between institutions and enhance academic debate.
  • To increase cooperation with foreign universities through participation in joint courses and study programmes.
  • To encourage discussion on intercultural sensitivity and multicultural teaching methods through open discussion meetings at the beginning of the academic year.
  • To make agreements with other distance teaching universities. 

Research and development projects 

  • Bifröst University belongs to the international scientific community and emphasises the enhancement of research activities.
  • Cooperation through the EADTU (The European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) will be part of policy-oriented international activities at Bifröst University.
  • The International Office shall purposefully work towards establishing cooperation with companies and their endeavours in the international arena, e.g. through EEA Grants development fund ( and Europe Enterprise Network (
  • Bifröst University has undertaken to work towards six principles on responsible management education under the aegis of PRME, which is supported by the United Nations.
  • In the PRME, Bifröst University is a party to the cooperation forum for Nordic university departments of business education, PRME Nordic Chapter. 

Each study programme at Bifröst University is reviewed on a cyclical basis. The policy for international activities and the above specified international policy for learning and teaching, shall be taken into account during such reviews.

The International Department specifies measurable objectives on activity and participation of students, teachers and other staff in operations with an international connection, e.g. student and staff exchange.

The International Department ascertains annually the number of courses taught in English during the previous year and provides information on the number of students that completed those courses.

While preparing the Bifröst University annual report, the International Department, in cooperation with the Research Centre, makes an overview on activity and participation in work with an international connection, and at a meeting in the spring term shall report on data from the previous year and update objectives for the coming two years. 

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Reviewed by the University Council 28.04.2022

Valid from 01.08.2022

Confirmed by rector 28.04.2022

This document is a translation. In the event of any discrepancies between the translation and the original text, the original shall take precedence.