Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives is the supreme authority in the affairs of Bifröst University as they relate to operating activities and financial matters.

Fifteen representatives sit on the Council, with each of the following five parties appointing three principal members and one alternate:

  • Municipality of Borgarbyggð
  • University Council of Bifröst University
  • Alumni Society of Bifröst University
  • Federation of Icelandic Cooperative Societies
  • Confederation of Icelandic Employers

Principal members sit on the Council for a three-year term, while alternates are appointed for one year at a time only. Appointments are staggered so that each appointing party appoints one principal member and one alternate every year. Individual representatives may not sit on the Council for longer than three successive terms.


The Council of Representatives meets at least once a year, and this meeting is furthermore the annual general meeting of Bifröst University. Among the tasks of the Council of Representatives at this meeting is to approve the financial statement for the previous year. The Council of Representatives reviews the activities and current operating plan of the University and reaches a decision on remuneration for members of the Board of Governors.

The Council of Representatives votes on proposed amendments to the University Charter. For amendments to the Charter to be approved, a quorum of 10 of 15 representatives must attend a legally called meeting of the Council, and at least 10 representatives (a two-thirds majority of all council members) must vote in favour of the proposal.