University Council

The University Council acts as an advisory body on the internal affairs of the academic community and has the right to appoint members to the University’s Board of Governors and the Council of Representatives pursuant to the University Charter. The Rector and Director of Academic Services sit on the University Council, as do:

  • three representatives of the teaching staff
  • one representative of the non-teaching staff
  • three student representatives enrolled in undergraduate studies
  • one student representative enrolled in preparatory studies
  • one student representative enrolled in Master's studies

The Chief Financial and Operating Officer and the Interest Representative for Bifröst Residents both have the right to attend meetings of the University Council and to speak and make proposals, but they do not have voting rights.

Representatives of the teaching staff are appointed by the Education and Research Board, while the representative of the non-teaching staff is nominated at a staff meeting. Student representatives are elected by students. One alternate member is elected for each principal member.


University Council meetings discuss major issues concerning the University at any given time, its internal operations, amendments of its rules and regulations and its strategy. The University Council has the competence to make decisions and may submit proposals to the Rector or the Board of Governors. The Rector shall take initiative in setting the agenda for University Council meetings; however, each member of the Council is permitted to place an item on a meeting’s agenda.

The Rector consults with the University Council prior to making decisions.