ISCID-CO Dunkerque

ISCID-CO Université du littoral Côte d’Opale

280 avenue de l’Université – BP 69
59942 Dunkerque Cedex 2


Telephone: +33 3 28 23 68 09


Number of inhabitants in the city: 90 000
Number of students in the university: 3 000


Programme: Business

Academic calendar:

Autumn: September - December
Spring:   January - May


Accommodation: The International Office can assist in booking accommodation for the duration of the stay.


Useful information:

  • Dunkerque is the northernmost city in France and is located at the North Sea coast - it is only 10 km from the Belgian border
  • From Dunkerque you can reach Lille - 4th biggest city in France - within 1 hour and Paris within 2,5 hours by train
  • The city has a zoo and several museums and sights to visit; You also have a huge variety of different sport activities to choose from; For the extra fun you have a laser tag centre
  • In Dunkerque you can find many different restaurants but you should not miss to try French cuisine; You have a huge variety of fish and seafood restaurants due to the coastal location of the city

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