House rules

House rules for Student Housing Authority apartments 

Section 1 - Behavior:
Residents are required to keep apartments and grounds in good condition and to avoid noise. Nailing or drilling holes in walls is forbidden and residents will be held liable for such damages. Residents must always bear in mind their obligation to cause others in the building the least possible disturbance and discomfort. Between 24:00 and 07:00, any noise which may disturb the sleep of people in other apartments is forbidden. If celebrations are held on special occasions, however, it is permissible to delay the beginning of this quiet period in consultation with the residents of adjoining apartments. The Housing Coordinator shall always be notified of planned celebrations in a timely manner.

Smoking is forbidden in Bollakot, Vallarkot, Ásgarður, Miðgarður and Útgarður.
Section 2 - Grounds: 
Driving on the grounds of the Student Housing Authority is forbidden. Residents and guests are asked to park their cars in the parking areas next to Jaðarsel and to the east of the main building. If access for emergency vehicles is blocked and/or the safety of residents threatened, vehicle owners risk having their vehicles removed at their own cost. Tenants are required, according to the rental agreement, to take part in a general cleanup of the grounds at least twice per year.
Section 3 - Laundry Room: 
The common laundry room for all apartments is located in the basement of the University´s premises and may be used by all students on the condition that the rules set by the laundry room supervisor are followed.

Section 4 - Recreational Areas and Sauna: 
These are open to all residents aged at least 16 years, according to the posted regulations. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. The sauna is on a timer, and only employees of the University may change settings.
Section 5 - Trash: 

All trash must be in closed plastic bags and placed in the appropriate trash bins or containers. Trash bags may not be left outside apartments.
Section 6 - Pets: 
It is strictly forbidden to keep pets (i.e., cats and dogs) in studio apartments, and other housing for individuals. Cats and dogs are allowed in family apartments, subject to municipal law on pets in the Municipality of Borgarbyggð.
Section 7 - Maintenance: 
Residents must send a maintenance request to or notify the Housing Coordinator immediately in the event of breakdowns or damage to housing or equipment. See Article 6 of the rental agreement.

Infractions of these rules shall immediately be reported to the Housing Coordinator or the Board of the Student Housing Authority. Repeated infractions can be cause for dismissal from student housing in accordance with the relevant clause in the rental agreement.
Section 8 - Residents’ association: 
In shared housing, those renting an apartment together form their own apartment association, which organizes all cleaning (daily, weekly and at the end of the rental period) and use of common areas. Decisions of the apartment association must be taken with the unanimous agreement of all members. In other respects, each apartment association sets its own rules on behavior and common matters. Irreconcilable disagreements between tenants within an apartment will be referred to the Board of the Student Housing Authority for a decision. Each apartment association must choose a spokesperson, who represents the association to the Board of the Student Housing Authority. Student housing residents also collectively form a residents’ association, which holds regular meetings (at least once per semester at the beginning of the semester). All residents are encouraged to attend.
Section 9 - Rental agreement: 
These rules are set pursuant to a clause in the current rental agreement (Article 11) and are especially intended to clarify to residents their duties towards other residents of their building. See the rental agreement for more on residents’ responsibilities towards the owner of the property (and vice versa). These rules have been approved by the Board of the Student Housing Authority in consultation with the University Council of Bifröst University.
Last updated March 8th, 2019.

Housing Coordinator.