Quiet hours

Quiet hours on Bifröst University Campus

Between 24:00 and 07:00, noise which may disturb the sleep of people in other apartments is forbidden. If celebrations are held on special occasions, however, it is permissible to delay the beginning of this quiet period in consultation with the residents of adjoining apartments. The Housing Coordinator shall always be notified of planned celebrations in a timely manner.

In cases where more than one tenant shares the same apartment, all tenants bear common responsibility in the event of disturbances in the apartment. If there is cause for a warning and no resident is willing to admit responsibility for a gathering, all residents bear common responsibility and all receive a warning. The exception to this is if a resident has demonstrably been absent from the apartment when the disturbance took place.

In the event of serious failure to observe rules on cleanliness and orderly conduct, the tenant(s) involved will be sent a request to make amends within 15 days. If this is not heeded, the tenant(s) will be sent a warning, and the rental contract may be terminated.

A warning applies to a given individual and remains in effect even if that individual changes their place of residence. A warning is in effect for one year from the time it is given, expiring at the end of that year.