Department of Social Science and Law

The Department of Social Science and Law is based on the merger of two academic departments since 1st of August 2017. The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that aim at enhancing students’ practical and theoretical skills, prepare them for various sectors in the international job market and provide students with essential skills of partaking in public debate on politics, law and economics. Furthermore, its undergraduate degrees are a good preparation for further studies on postgraduate levels.

The Bifröst learning module is very hands-on, where students practice their skills through project-based learning, particularly with the yearly term-projects (in the undergraduate studies), where students collaborate in groups on a real time project (practical and / or a research project) (see further information about Bifröst University’s Teaching Policy here.

The degrees are mainly taught in Icelandic – however, international undergraduate students can take a semester or a full academic year at Bifröst University, which has bilateral agreements (Erasmus) with many universities throughout Europe (see here). In addition, students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) can do internships with companies and institutions as a part of their degrees.

Bifröst University is in active cooperation with the Icelandic labour market. Furthermore, academics at the department are leading researchers in their fields and are visible and active in public debate. BU partakes in the project LawWithoutWalls, which is a collaborative project between many of the best universities in the world in the field of law, such as Harvard University, Stanford University and University of Miami.

The academic year starts in the end of August. Following academic programmes are offered at the Department of Social Science and Law:

Undergraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes

Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods