What to bring

Warm clothes

When packing for Iceland, it’s important to keep the weather in mind. Fall and spring term students should bring a warm coat, hats, a scarf and gloves and warm leather shoes/boots. In summer, there will be a few days when you will be comfortable in just a T-shirt, but there will also be a few days when the daytime high is around 8-10°C with strong winds. So bring a jacket, hat and gloves, especially if you are planning a hiking trip in the mountains, where the weather can be considerably colder.

Icelanders are fairly casual dressers. For everyday life around campus, just bring whatever you would wear at home. When students go out clubbing or to a school-sponsored dinner they tend to dress up, so it might be a good idea to bring something a little more formal as well.


While you need warm clothes through your Icelandic travelling, swimsuits are also equally essential to have as you can find hot tubs basically at every corner. Swimming pools and hot tubs are really popular in Iceland, therefore it is good to be prepared for a swim at any time.


Exchange students get a comforter (duvet, Bettdecke in German) and pillow on loan from the school. We are also able to loan students a pillow case, comforter cover, and bed sheet. If you prefer to bring your own, note that beds are 90cmx200cm, the standard size of a duvet is 150cmx210cm and the standard size for a pillow is 50cmx60cm.

Towels & hairdryer

Please make sure to include towels and hairdryer in your luggage. These are not included in your room rental.


It is essential for students at Bifröst to have access to a wireless laptop, so don’t forget your laptop if you have one. If necessary, Bifröst can get you a laptop for the duration of your stay for a modest fee.


Bring your passport of course, insurance papers, acceptance letter and other documents you might need. You never know.


A camera and some favourite personal items such as books can always come in handy. If you are planning to do some travelling while here, don't forget to bring a sleeping-bag if you plan to stay in youth hostels.