Extracurricular and leisure activities
Bifröst is located in the countryside, 35 km away from the nearest town. With volcanoes, mountains, lava fields, birch forests, a lake and a spectacular waterfall all in walking distance, the surrounding area is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The possibilities for outdoor recreational activities are very diverse here. In addition to numerous hiking trails, Bifröst has a small on-campus soccer field and a golf course located only minutes away.

For typical big-city pleasures such as theatre, cinema and art exhibitions, one must usually go to Reykjavík. 

Sports facilities
A well equiped gym is open to all students, staff and their families. Access is included in the tuition fees. Swimming pools are at Varmaland and Borgarnes.

Student associations
The Bifröst Student Association (Nemendafélagið) is an organisation for all student on campus. Membership is free for all students.