Sights and surroundings

The area around Bifröst offers a great variety of interesting sights, within walking distance from the main highway. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature's refreshing beauty both in summer and winter. Below we have shown only a fraction of the beautiful destinations in the area.

Grábrók Volcano

Just past Grábrók volcano along the main road is a small parking lot and a path leading up to the mountain. The path is easy and wooden stairs have been built on part of it. The view from the top is magnificent, encompassing Norðurárdalur and the encircling mountains. A brisk walk from campus to the top of the volcano and back again takes about 40 minutes.

Jafnaskarðsskógur and Lake Hreðavatn

South of campus, a gravel road leads west towards the old farm of Hreðavatn, which has been the home of the west Iceland forestry station since 1985. In the lake, also called Hreðavatn, are both trout and arctic char. Permits are available through Veiðikortið. The road passes the old farm and turns south towards the forestry area at Jafnaskarðsskógur. This is an ideal walking area for campus residents.

Glanni waterfall and the river Norðurá

South of campus, there is a turnoff to the east which ends at a small parking lot. From there one can take a short walk down to an overlook on the cliffs, from where there is a fine view of Glanni, a spectacular waterfall on the Norðurá river.


The beautiful mountain Baula can be conquered from different approaches, but the most common trail lies from the farm called Dalsmynni up through Bjarnadalur and then up the mountain on the south side. The mountain is quite steep and hikers should expect at least eight hours round trip.


From the overlook by Glanni, one can continue a short ways south to Paradísarlaut (Paradise Hollow), where there is a small pond  with beautiful, clear water.

It is possible to follow the trail even further south to another waterfall called Laxfoss, and to the farm and summer cottage area in Munaðarnes. There are two small streams on the trail but they are both easy to cross.

Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
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