The library holds both books and publications in both Icelandic and other languages (mainly English), around 21,000 volumes in all. Primary emphasis is on material in the subject areas taught at Bifröst University: business and management, business law and the social sciences. Bifröst University Library is a member of the Icelandic Concortica to E-resources and our main e-serials are provided there. See the E-resources page for further information.

Borrowing items

Students can borrow items from the library and need to fill out a loan form
Loan period is 30 days unless a different time is stated specifically
Books that are a part of course curriculum are for use at the library but can be lent out for shorter period with permission from the librarian
Magazines and periodicals can be borrowed for a week
Students are responsible for all material they borrow from the library and will have to cover the damages of lost or damaged items.
You will get a reminder email before your item's due date or if your item has been recalled
If you do not return the item, you will receive an email invoice for replacement costs plus an administration fee

Periodicals and newspapers

Printed periodicals and newspapers arrive regularly to the library. Printed periodicals should are available for loan, one week at a time.

Library catalog

Ebook collection

Þórný Hlynsdóttir / Thorny Hlynsdottir
Head librarian 
tel: 433 3099

Updated february 2022