March 1. 2022

Icelandic universities express support for Ukraine

The Icelandic Rectors' Conference strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Rectors' Conference expresses its solidarity with university students and staff of Ukrainian universities, as well as the entire nation. The committee's thoughts are with all those suffering as a result of the conflict, as well as those forced to flee.

Universities in Iceland place high value on and protect academic freedom, human rights, democracy and freedom of expression.

Icelandic universities will keep a close eye on developments and respond as they unfold. The universities will work with the Icelandic government to explore options for accommodating Ukrainian students and staff who need to flee the conflict and seek refuge in Iceland.

The universities will also pay special attention to supporting their staff and students from Ukraine and Russia, as well as those who have relatives or loved ones there.

Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods