Postgraduate Diploma in Negotiation and Mediation

Postgraduate Diploma in Negotiation and Mediation is a 30 ECTS tailor-made degree for managers in providing them useful tools and skill sets in mediation and negotiation in the job market. Admission requirements are final examination from level 2 or equivalent (BS/BA-degree). The program is taught only in Icelandic and is applied mainly to the Icelandic job market.

Link to the curriculum in Icelandic

Structure of the Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Law (Curriculum for students starting Autumn 2018)

 Autumn  ECTS   Spring  ECTS   Summer  ECTS 
International Arbitration   5 Bankruptcy Law  5 Contract Drafting  5
Legal Documents    10 Procedural Law  10 Negotiation 5
Elective course  5 Elective course  5 Mediation 5
  15   10   5

Biannual courses in 2018 – 2019 (for postgraduate diplomas)

 Autumn  ECTS   Spring  ECTS 
Law and Innovation  5 European Trade Law  5
Tendering Rules and Procedures 5 Human Rights Law  5
Environmental and Resource Law   5 Energy Law  5
  15   15

Biannual courses in 2019 – 2020 (for postgraduate diplomas)

 Autumn  ECTS   Spring  ECTS 
International Tax Law  5 Economics and Law   5
Copyright Law and Private Law  5 Financial and Tax frauds  5
    The Law of Value Added Tax  5
    Law of Capital Markets  5
  10   20


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