BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics(PPE)

PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) is an undergraduate programme (180 ECTS credits), which can be completed in two and a half years or three years (30 ECTS in Autumn and Spring semester and 20 ECTS in the Summer semester). PPE is a cross-disciplinary programme covering three subjects: philosophy, politics, and economics. Students complete a minimum of 30 credits in each of the three subjects. During the second and third year of study, they have the opportunity to acquire some specialisation in one subject.

The model for the PPE is a similar degree taught at University of Oxford – a degree many politicians and future employees in the UK public sector undergo. Ms. Brynhildur S. Björnsdóttir an undergraduate from Bifröst University took a seat in parliament on March 24th 2014 for the political party Björt framtíð. She is the first individual with a BA degree in PPE to take a seat in the Icelandic parliament Althingi.

Many of former PPE students have established careers in politics, public administration, international institutions. Some of them have even established their own businesses. The degree offers various opportunities for postgraduate studies in economics, politics, international relations, development studies, cultural studies, philosophy, public administration and business management

The programme stresses that the three disciplines should strengthen each other and as a whole improve students' ability to deal with a range of practical and theoretical problems. The programme is good preparation for graduate work in the humanities and social sciences, but emphasis on practical training also focuses on the needs of society and industry. The degree offers a good preparation for the public sector (state, municipalities and other public institutions), international institutions and foreign affairs in the political sphere, in the media, in education and working in humanitarian aid.

Gifted students, or students who have completed a part of a degree elsewhere, may finish the programme in two years. Students can only be admitted to the programme if they have finished the Icelandic matriculation examination (stúdentspróf) or have an equivalent educational background.

PPE is offered as a distance-learning programme that is mainly taught in Icelandic – however, various courses are offered in English, so international, undergraduate students can take a part of their studies at Bifröst. The BA thesis, which each student must complete in order to graduate, can be written in either English or Icelandic.

Link to the curriculum in Icelandic

Semester 1st year

 Autumn  ECTS   Spring  ECTS   Summer  ECTS 
Information Technology 4 Comparative Politics   6 Term Project  8
Confident Communication    2 Macroeconomics 6 Elective course  6
Practical Logic and Critical Thinking  6 Statistics  6 Elective course  6
Politics and Political Systems 6 Ethics  6    
Methodology 6 Political Philosophy 6    
Icelandic Politics   6        
  30   30   20

Semester 2nd year

Autumn  ECTS   Spring  ECTS   Summer  ECTS 
International politics  6 Gender Studies  6 Term Project  8
The Economic Merger of Europe  6 International Economics  6 Elective course  6
Microeconomics 6 Sustainability and Social Responsibility  6 Elective course  6
Ancient Philosophy  6 Game Theory  6    
Economic Growth and Development  6 History of Ideas  6    
  30   30   20

Semester 3rd year

 Autumn ECTS 
Bachelor Thesis  14
Elective course 6


Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods