BS in Business Administration

The objective of business administration programmes at Bifröst University is for students to build and advance their business careers, enabling them to utilise their initiative and independence in positions of responsibility and leadership. Business study programmes aim to help students enhance their knowledge and expertise in the field of business, while working on real-life projects and assignments.

Bifröst University emphasises educating responsible executives and managers, who are capable of demonstrating leadership and making well-considered decisions. In this context, the Department of Business works in close collaboration with Greenleaf Center Iceland. The undergraduate study programme in Business Administration at Bifröst University is a comprehensive business degree programme, designed to prepare students for leadership, responsibility and management positions in business and the community. The study programme consists of core business disciplines, including finance, accounting, management and marketing.

Teaching methods aim to meet the needs of today’s students, with an emphasis on personalised instruction and service. Students complete challenging but exciting projects, while delving in depth into the core curriculum. A good business education, like any university-level education, is academic by nature, welding a solid comprehension of business theories and theoretical analysis with the applied ability to work with these tools. An interdisciplinary approach aims to sharpen critical and creative thinking, for the benefit of both business and the community.

The Department of Business offers the following undergraduate study programmes:

  • BS in Business Administration
  • BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing Communications
  • BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing Communications and Social Media
  • BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Service Management
  • BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Tourism
  • BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Business Intelligence

The programme is structured to allow students to complete their degree in two and a half years, with summer semesters in addition to traditional fall and spring semesters. A well-developed distance learning platform enables students to engage in their business administration studies at the location most convenient for them. Lectures are accessible on the University’s website, and students can view them at their own pace.

The application deadline is June 15th for the fall semester and December 10th for the spring semester.

Studies at Bifröst University

Project work is a major component of learning assessment. Students have a steady project load over each course session. Project work typically accounts for 40% of the final grade. Students can thus internalise the material under study at a steady pace over the teaching session.

All study programmes at Bifröst University strongly emphasise students’ ability to work independently in completing demanding tasks and to collaborate with a group of student peers in carrying out research and undertaking larger assignments, presenting and submitting them for evaluation by teachers and student peers. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and applied connections to real-life projects that are greater in number and scope than is typical for studies at other Icelandic universities. A defining feature of Bifröst University’s teaching methods are term projects, which students complete in groups of 4-6. Students complete two such term projects over the course of their undergraduate studies. They defend their term projects for an evaluation committee of two instructors and a group of other students.

Instruction in the programme is session-based. Instructors regularly upload audio lectures to impart learning content to students. Students at Bifröst University thus have the opportunity to read and review course material in a timely manner, in order to prepare themselves for weekly project and discussion sessions with their instructors. Students are expected to take active part in these sessions.

Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods