About the project

Learning2gether is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims at bridging the generational knowledge gap. The project arose from a clear observation : younger generations tend to be more up to date with technology and digital skills; these can be transferred into skills used in employment, something which many are not fully aware of. On the other hand, older SME workers have these professional skills, but tend to struggle keeping up with the latest digital trends, which makes it sometimes hard for them at work. With Learning2gether, we’d like to address both issues at the same time, by bringing different generations and their knowledge together.

At the moment, about 41.5% of people in the UK aged 55-74 would say they are fairly digitally literate and have used the internet at least once a week, this increases to 65% of older people in the Iceland, and reduces to 33.4% in Belgium, 13% in Spain and 6% in Bulgaria (evidence from Eurostat). Younger generations are better able to use and adapt to the changing technical environment and pick up new skills in this sector. Older workers on the other hand, are less likely to be familiar with the fast-changing technologies and pick up new technological skills needed to successfully run their business as they did not grow up with them or had only limited access to it. In Iceland, according to Eurostat, when asked, 99% of young people (16-24) said they had used the Internet in the last week, 88% of young people in Belgium had, 83% in the UK, 77% in Spain and 58% in Bulgaria.

During the project a special training methodology will be used to support NEETs. First, they will be able to take part in hard-skills training sessions which will aim to increase their knowledge about digital media in a professional context and enhance their consultancy and tutoring skills. These training sessions will be face-to-face with an added online dimension through the eLearning Platform where participants can revise the training through webinars and find additional information through OERs provided. NEETs will furthermore be able to connect with SMEs who are looking for extra training in digital media for their older employees.

You can follow the progress of the project and access findings and deliverables at the project's website.


Learning2gether is a Strategic Partnership for youth, co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.