About the project

Bifröst University has since 2018 been a part of the ifempower consortium, that was funded by the European Union‘s Erasmsus+ program to develop an interactive and mentorship based course in entrepreneurship, focused on women and the particular challenges women are met with in today‘s business environment.

During its three years of implementation, ifempower aimed to empower female students to become potential entrepreneurs by providing the necessary knowledge and skills (both soft and hard) to start their successful businesses. To reach this goal, the project developed innovative tools, educational & training methods and a mentoring system with the collaboration of 9 partners – mostly universities and consultancies.

Based on our preparatory research investigating the role of women in European SMEs (Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe), as well as gaps, obstacles and market needs, the project elaborated an International Curriculum for Higher Education in 5 languages for university students on entrepreneurship-related topics to support their engagement in self-employment. The accredited modules were launched and piloted at partner universities in Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Romania and Spain, and backed by our International Teaching Material for the participating teachers. More than 100 students have enrolled in the courses developed by ifempower to immerse in the world of female entrepreneurship.

All the main findings of the project, curricula, teaching material and the online educational platform can be found at the ifempower website