About the project

A significant part of the EU economy is nowadays known as social economy. Social Economy approach indicates that the major goal of the belonging organisations is to serve members of the community rather than to seek profit. Throughout Europe there is a long tradition of cooperative business. However, despite the great weight of this social economy there is still a great need in increasing the number of cooperatives and promoting social businesses for a more sustainable development. 

The diffusion of the cooperative model can be the engine for social innovation, through innovative start-ups answering to people’s needs, and can bring local development and contribute in the long term to the reduction of unemployment and social inequalities. In partners' countries (Sweden, Italy, Iceland and Cyprus) despite the high number of cooperatives present in different sectors there is still a lack of entrepreneurial skills and trainers adequately trained and capable of motivating new people in pursuing the cooperativist model. 

There is a recognized need in exchanging experiences among trainers and cooperative associations and collect successful experiences that can be implemented in other similar European realities following a common and succesfull model. 

The main objectives of the project are:  

  • Strengthening the skills of entrepreneurship trainers promoting cooperative business
  • Exchanging experiences on social entrepreneurship education among trainers across Europe
  • Developing innovative tools and methodologies to assist trainers in their promotion of the cooperative model among adults.