Students coming from within the EU/EEA area are covered for health insurance if they bring with them their E111 form or European Health Insurance Card. For detailed information on the Icelandic health care system, consult the Europa website.

Students coming from other parts of the world for a stay of more than 90 days in Iceland will need to buy health insurance from an Icelandic insurance company in order to apply for a residence permit. This insurance is relatively inexpensive by international standards here are links to icelandic insurance companies; TMVISSjova.

No other insurance is required. Some students may wish to buy accident, theft, damage, or travel insurance. This must be done in their country of origin before arriving to Iceland. In general, we advise students to be careful and think twice before buying extra insurance coverage. Some packages are heavily advertised and marketed but provide little actual benefit.


Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods