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Samir Amin in Beijing: delving into China's delinking policy. Journal: Review of African Political Economy.Macheda, F.More
The Danger of a “Geyser Disease” Effect: Structural Fragility of the Tourism-Led Recovery in Iceland. Journal: Review of Radical Political Economics.Macheda, F.More
Populism and the politics of misinformation. Safundi. The Journal of South African and American Studies.Bergmann, E.More
I Didn’t Like Gilbert and Sullivan … Then I Found They Were Really Very Good - Learned Musical Taste in the Context of an Amateur Choral Ensemble, Journal: International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music.Einarsdóttir, S.L.More
Le Radici Pubbliche dell’Efficacia Cinese alla Lotta contro il COVID - 19. Journal: Economia e Politica.Macheda, F.More
The Structural Roots of China’s Effectiveness against Coronavirus Pandemic. Journal: International Critical ThoughtMacheda, F.More
"The Fourth Industrial Revolution“ and Music Management. Journal of Arts Management.Sigurjónsson, N.More
Menningarstefna, þátttaka og innflytjendur. Skírnir - Tímarit Hins íslenzka bókmenntafélags.Sigurjónsson, N.More

Virkni endurskoðunarnefnda. Tímarit um viðskipti og efnahagsmál.

Einar Guðbjartsson, Eyþór Ívar Jónsson, Jón Snorri Snorrason

Social Sciences and Education Research Review. 

Rescenu A.S, Tran Anh-Dao K. and Magnússon, MÁS

Branding the essence of J. S. Bach. Composers as ‘retro brands’ in amateur musical ensembles. Arts Management Journal. 

Einarsdottir, S. L and Svansson, E.