Universität Wien

Website: https://www.univie.ac.at/en/

Telephone: +43-1-4277-0

Number of inhabitants in the city: 1.8 million

Number of students in the university: 94 000

Nomination procedure

The nomination is exclusively done via our online nomination system. If your home university should not have the necessary access data for the online nomination, please ask them to contact us via erasmus.incoming@univie.ac.at.


Winter semester: 15 May
Summer semester: 1 November

After you have been nominated by your home university, you will receive an 
email with information on the registration procedure. Should you not have received this email by 20 May (winter semester) or 10 November (summer semester), please send an email to erasmus.incoming@univie.ac.at.

Language requirements

Please be aware that you will need to be able to understand, speak and write German at least at an adequate level if you wish to study at the University of Vienna. With the exception of only certain fields of study, the courses are held in German.

Exchange students who find a sufficient amount of courses not taught in German in their field of study may basically study at the University of Vienna even without any knowledge of German. To prevent misunderstandings please discuss this option with your mobility coordinator. However, we strongly recommend at least basic German skills in order to find your way around in Vienna.


The University of Vienna does not run any own student halls of residence. Students are therefore responsible by themselves to organise the accommodation for their stay in Vienna. We strongly recommend starting to search for accommodation as soon as possible. 

Average costs of living per month (2018)

Accommodation (inkl. heating, electricity):
€ 320 - € 450
€ 250
Public transport:
€ 30
Study and personal requirements (books, spare time etc.):
€ 300
Monthly expenses
€ 900 - € 1,030

Hvers vegna að velja Bifröst?

  1. Í fararbroddi í fjarnámi
  2. Allt námsefni aðgengilegt á netinu þegar þér hentar
  3. Skólinn kemur til þín og mætir þínum þörfum
  4. Sterk tengsl við atvinnulífið
  5. Persónuleg þjónusta