Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

King Juan Carlos University



Paseo artilleros s/n.28032 Madrid

Móstoles (Madrid) SPAIN



+34 916 65 50 60


Erasmus code: E MADRID26


Website: www.urjc.es


Number of inhabitants in the city: 3,165 million

Number of students in the university: 37,939


Academic Calendar: 

1st Semester (Fall/Autumn Semester 2016) Term period: September 6th  to January 13th  Lecture period: September 6th to December 9th Exams period: December 12th to January 13th

2nd Semester (Spring Semester 2017) Term period: January 16th to May 16th Lecture period: January 16th to April 28th Exams period: May 3rd to May 16th 

Extraordinary exams period for 1st and 2nd semester: June 12th to June 29th


Student applications:

Deadline for applications 1st Semester and full academic year: May 20th 2016 Deadline for application 2nd Semester: October 31st 2016  Procedure: fill out the online application form with the instructions provided in the acknowledgement email.

Required application documents: - Online application - Photo - Passport/ID photocopy - Transcript of Records - Language Certificate - Learning Agreement (LA), follow the instructions given on the acknowledgement email


Academic offer:

Social and Legal Sciences

Business Administration and Management


International Relations


Primary Education



Language support:

Spanish Intensive Course Erasmus and Munde students can attend a 34-hour intensive Spanish course that will take place two weeks before the start of the classes. Language courses can be validated for free election credits (a 34-hour course equals 2 ECTS). This course costs approximately 200€.  Further information: University Language Center centro.cui@urjc.es


Spanish Courses Erasmus and Munde students can also attend a 45-hour Spanish course that will take place during one semester (October – December or January – April). Language courses can be validated for free election credits (a 45-hour course equals 2 ECTS). This course costs approximately 245€.  Further information: University Languages Center centro.cui@urjc.es 


Facilities and student services:

Facilities -Access to computer facilities including wireless internet access and university e-mail account. -Student card: in order to request your Student Card, you need to have your URJC username, you have to be enrolled (preregistered) in order to get it. 

Buddy Program  The Buddy Program, a URJC welcome program, helps all international students to integrate into the university and to know the city.



Accommodation on Campus Residencia Universitaria José Pérez de Vargas is located at Vicálvaro Campus. It has 217 rooms, of which 180 single rooms and 37 double rooms. Each room has a surface of approximately 18m², 34m² in the case of double rooms, and has an ensuite bathroom and office with refrigerator and microwave. http://www.residenciavicalvarourjc.es/en/


Practical information:


The advantages of studying in Spanish 

-Spanish is a language in expansion. -Spanish is spoken by around 500 million people in the World.

-It is the official language of 21 countries.

-It is the most studied language as a second language: currently more than 46 million people study Spanish in the World.

-It is currently considered the second language for international communication.

-The UNESCO estimates that in the 21st Century, Spanish will be more important than English and there will be more speakers of Spanish than English.


Why study in Spain? Why Madrid?

-The best way to become familiar with a culture and to learn a language is to study in the country because it will be quicker, easier and more efficient.

-The Spanish educational system is internationally recognized for its excellent quality and outstanding organization.

-Spain currently ranks third as a European destination for international students, following England and Ireland.

-Due to its geostrategic location and its historical roots, Spain is the economic and cultural bridge to Latin America.

-Spain, along with France, United States and China, is among the top four tourist world powers.




Hvers vegna að velja Bifröst?

  1. Í fararbroddi í fjarnámi
  2. Allt námsefni aðgengilegt á netinu þegar þér hentar
  3. Skólinn kemur til þín og mætir þínum þörfum
  4. Sterk tengsl við atvinnulífið
  5. Persónuleg þjónusta