Brno University of Technology

Address: Antonínská 548/1, 601 90 Brno, Czech Republic


Telefon: +420 541 141 111
fax: +420 541 211 309

Number of inhabitants in the city: 400,000 inhabitants


Programme: Economics and Management


Academic Calendar:

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

·         Winter semester from late September to January

·         Summer semester from February to September

Each semester consists of 13 weeks of classes and is followed by an examination period. The lessons start at 7 AM and then every hour. Duration of lesson is 50 minutes.



 See courses taught in English here (spring semester 2016).


BUT provides good-class accommodation in modern halls of residence, mostly in double rooms. Each pair of rooms shares a bathroom and a kitchenette. Students can use the laundry rooms for minimum price. Foreign students are usually accommodated at halls of residence Pod Palackého vrchem at Kolejní street near the main university campus or at Mánesovy koleje at Mánesova street. There are many facilities available for students: fitness center, gym, boulder center, cinema, student club, bar, snack bar, post office etc. Students can also use a computer room, which is linked to the Internet. On the premises there are also, a library, a copy-center and a CD lending office. A shop is supplied with groceries, stationery and drugstore goods. Complete information regarding accommodation can be found at : It is necessary to book a room by a student before his arrival through internet: at:


Useful information:

  •  The city of Brno operates a cultural and information center at Radnická 8, in the building of the Old Town Hall. It has a wide selection of maps, brochures and other information on Brno and the surrounding region, and also acts as a ticket agency, selling tickets for a number of cultural events.
  • The Czech currency is called "koruna" (crown, abbreviated Kc), which is made up of 100 haléru (hellers, abbreviated hal.). Coins in the following denominations are in circulation: 1 crown, 2 crowns, 5 crowns, 10 crowns ,20 crowns and 50 crowns. In addition, there are the following notes: 100 crowns, 200 crowns, 500 crowns, 1,000 crowns, 2,000 crowns and 5,000 crowns.
  •   Most of the medicines available elsewhere can be obtained here, though not in every pharmacy. In case you need some kind of medicine in the evening, at night or over the weekend, when shops are normally closed, there is a non-stop pharmacy located in the center of the city.
  •   If you are faced with an urgent need for medical attention at a time when doctors' offices are not open, and you are confined to bed, call the first-aid service at 5113113; a doctor will come to examine you within a very short time. In other cases you should go in person to the emergency service at nám. 28. ríjna 23, which is open Monday - Friday from 19:00 till 6:30 and non-stop on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Emergency dental care is also available at the same address.
  •   The cost of living is low in the Czech Republic compared to most Western countries, and you will be able to live comfortably without spending large sums. Bank machines are generally the easiest and cheapest way to manage money here, and the Brno city center features numerous conveniently located bank machines.
  •  Foreign currency can be exchanged at any bank, though you might check around to see which one gives the best rate, since these can vary a little. The small exchange booths in the center of Brno and Masaryk ova Street are said to offer good exchange rates  There are two separate police forces in the Czech Republic, the National Police Force (Policie Ceské republiky) and Municipal Police Forces (Mestská policie). The Czech Police deal with such areas as criminal activities, road traffic (accidents, fines and so on), and visas for foreigners. The Municipal Police have limited powers to maintain law and order within the town or city where they work.


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