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Table of Contents

Journals and libraries
Public organisations, domestic, foreign
Cultural organisations 
Associations and general discourse

Journals and libraries

National and University Library of Iceland,
Electronic databases and journals,

Public organisations, domestic, foreign

European Union, culture,
European Union cultural programme,
Statistics Iceland,
Icelandic Film Centre,
The Icelandic Film Archive,
Icelandic Academy of the Arts,
Ministry of Education, Science and Culture,
The Reykjavík Academy,

Cultural organisations

Reykjavík Municipal Theatre,
Gerðarsafn, gallery of arts,
Hafnarborg, Hafnarjördur Institute of Culture and Fine Arts,
The Icelandic Opera,
The Iceland Dance Company,
The Icelandic Settlement Centre,
Akureyri Theatre Company (Leikfélag Akureyringa),
National Gallery of Iceland,
Reykjavik Art Museum,
Kópavogur Concert Hall (Salurinn),
Iceland Symphony Orchestra,
The National Theatre of Iceland,

Associations and general discourse 

Federation of Icelandic Artists
Deus ex cinema (Religion and film),
European Audiovisual Observatory,  
Association of Icelandic Publishers,
Icelandic Musicians’ Union,
Ismus (Icelandic Music and Cultural Heritage,
Land og synir (publication of the Icelandic Academy of Film),
Cultural discussion,
The Performing Rights Society,
Fjölís (Association of copyright holders),
Screen Digest,
On film,    
On film,
On the Theater,
On the theatre,
On cultural activities,
On music,
On music,

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