Emil B. Karlsson. Director, Centre for Retail Studies


BS in Communication technology and MS studies in Business Administration. Lund University, Sweden.

Secondary school teaching, Information Manager at Technological Institute of Iceland, Head of European Liaisons at Innovation Centre of Iceland, Project Officer at Federation of Trade and Services.

Main activities

• Retail and tourism statistics

• Applied research in economics, business administration and consumer behaviour

• Service innovation

• VET development for retail and service sector

• Assignments for retail and service companies, unions and organisations

Recent Publication (Reports published by Centre for Retail Studies)

- Menntun starfsþjálfa í verslunum (e. Training of retail trainers). June 2013. http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0061878.pdf

- Ávinningur af starfsmenntun fyrir verslun og ferðaþjónustu (e. Benefits of VET for retail and tourism sectors). March 2013.   http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0061382.pdf

- Retail in Rural Regions. September 2012. http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0060124.pdf

- Úrbætur í starfsþjálfun verslana (e. Solutions in Retail Education). December 2011. http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0056475.pdf

- Greining á hæfni starfsmanna í íslenskum þjónustufyrirtækjum (e. Analysis of competences of employees in Icelandic service companies). March 20110. http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0041131.pdf

- Ferðamannaverslun í kjölfar efnahagssamdráttar (e. Tourist shopping in economic downturns). March 2009. http://rsv.is/Files/Skra_0034140.pdf

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