Dr. Njörður Sigurjónsson, assistant professorDr. Njörður Sigurjónsson, assistant professor


2010 Ph.D. Cultural Policy and Management, City University, London.

2001 M.Sc. International Business, University of Iceland.

1999 B.A. Philosophy, University of Iceland.


Main research areas

My research intrests include cultural managment, audio culture, organizational aesthetics, democratic structures, metaphysical imagination and participative listening. Current reserch projects: 1) critical listening, organizational democracy and noise control; 2) cultural policy in Iceland; 3) cultural management as a discourse and ideology.

My PhD thesis was published in 2010 entitled: Variations on the act of listening: Twenty-one orchestra audience development events in light of John Dewey’s ‘art as experience’ metaphor. For anyone interested in collaboration or just in finding some common ground I also want to mention that I have studied at the Copenhagen Business School (business), Stockholms Universitet (philosophy) and Université de Rennes I in France (philosophy). In recent years, I have taught Cultural Policy and Management at Bifröst University, but previously I served as director of marketing for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, stage manager for the Icelandic Opera and then managing director of the Icelandic Literature Fund. In 2001 I published the book Höndlun þekkingar [Handling knowledge], published by the University of Iceland Institute of Business (2001).

Recent writings

2012 An Open Access Mandate in Iceland. ScieCom info – Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication 8, Nr. 1.

2012 "That´s what a conductor is about, you know - it´s partly about knowledge but it is mainly about leadership and projection" With Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir. at the ESA Sociology of the Arts Conference, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna .

2011 The Language of Arts Management: Ontological, Theoretical and Methodological Reductions. In Cultural Management and its Boundaries: Past, Present, and Future. Constance DeVereaux (ed.). HUMAK Publications, Finland.

2011 The Organization of music and the listening guest: Ideas of structure and subjectivity in the prevailing concert setting. Art Talk International Arts & Cultural Management Lecture Series. 7 November, Northern Arizona University.

2011 Framing the revolution: the polyrhythmic organization of the 2009 protests in Iceland. Den femte nordiska konferensen för kulturpolitisk forskning 23. – 25. August 2011 in Norrköping, Sweden. 2011

2010 Orchestra Audience Development and the Aesthetics of "Customer Comfort". The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society (4).

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