Auður H. Ingólfsdóttir, assistant professor

Auður H. Ingólfsdóttir holds a BA degree in international studies from University of Washington (Seattle), a post graduate diploma in professional journalism from University of Iceland, and a Master degree in international relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (Boston). Her main interests are in the fields of international relations, environment and sustainable development, gender, security studies, conflict resolution and peace building.

In addition to her post at Bifröst University, Auður is also registered as a joint degree Ph.D. student at the University of Lapland (Finland) and Univeristy of Iceland. Her doctoral research is focusing on the security dimension of climate change in the Arctic, using Iceland as a case study. The topic will be approached from a feminist perspective, applying concepts from gender studies as analytical tools. Her supervisors are Dr. Lassi Heinien (U. of Lapland) and Dr. Thorgerður Einarsdóttir (U. of Iceland).

Some relevant recent publications:

2012. Climate Change and Security in the Arctic. The Links between Geopolitical Concerns and Local Challenges. Our Ice Dependent World. Conference proceedings from the Northern Forum 6th Open Assemply.


2011. Go North, Young Man. Gendered discourses on climate change and security in the Arctic. Sustainable development in the Arctic region through peace and stability. NGP Yearbook 2011. Editors: Heininen, Lassi & Rouge-Oikarinen, Regis. Vol 40 (4), pp. 89-97

2011. Climate change and security in the Arctic: Untouched and to be conquered. NIKK magasin, vol 2, pp. 22-25 


2009. „Climate Change and Human Security in the Arctic: The Role of Gender“ in Rannsóknir í Félagsvísindum X. Editors: Halldór Sig. Guðmundsson and Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir. Reykjavík: Félagsvísindastofnun Háskóla Íslands.

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