Urgent/emergency services

Regular working hours (08:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00), tel. 695 9908

Inspections and moving out

Housing inspections (for students moving out) are made during regular working hours. When moving, please call 433-3062 or send an email at to arrange for a housing inspection. The tenant (or the tenent’s representative) must be present.

Housing inspection outside normal working hours ISK  5.000
(dependent on staff availability)  
Departure from housing without an inspection ISK  5.000
(if everything is in order)  
Additional cleaning at the renter’s expense ISK  3.500
Mattress covers missing at inspection ISK  3.000
Trashbin/dustbin missing at inspection ISK  1.000
Linen or towels missing/destroyed ISK  2.000
Rented furniture/kitchenware missing/destroyed market price
Emergency opening (keys locked inside room/apartment) ISK 1.500
(Only during regular working hours (08:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00), tel. 695 9908)  

Other miscellaneous services and charges

Extra keys ISK  1.000 each
Extra bed ISK  1.000 / month
Relocation charge* ISK  10.000

To request an extra bed, call 695-9908.

*Relocation charge: Students moving between housing units of a comparable size must pay a relocation charge.

This pricelist came into effect on January 1st, 2010.

Vignir Már Sigurjónsson

Director of Property Management and Housing

Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods