Housing applications

Applying for student housing

Exchange and summer school students at Bifröst University do not need to make a separate application for student housing. All students accepted to the exchange and summer school programmes will be allocated housing on the Bifröst campus for the duration of their stay at Bifröst. Questions or special requests regarding housing may be directed to the International Coordinator.

Regular students planning to live on the Bifröst campus must apply to the Housing Division for a room or apartment by the housing application deadline (15 June for the fall semester, 10 November for the spring semester). Students with families are given priority for larger apartments.

Application forms for student housing can be found here.



Why Bifröst?

  1. Constant workload trains students in group and team work
  2. Small university that emphasises personal service
  3. We aim for personal development and social participation
  4. Friendly campus for individuals and families
  5. Active quality control and innovative teaching methods