Philosophy, politics and economics (PPE)


PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) is an undergraduate program (180 ECTS credits) which can be completed in two and a half years or three years. Gifted students, or students who have completed a part of a degree elsewhere, may finish the program in two years. Students can only be admitted to the program if the have finished the Icelandic matriculation examination or have an equivalent educational background.

PPE is a cross-disciplinary program covering three subjects: philosophy, politics, and economics. Students complete a minimum of 36 credits in each of the three subjects. During the second and third year of study they have the opportunity to acquire some specialization in one subject.

The program stresses that the three disciplines should strengthen each other and as a whole improve students' ability to deal with a range of practical and theoretical problems. The program is a good preparation for graduate work in the humanities and social sciences, but emphasis on practical training also focuses on the needs of society and industry.

PPE is offered as a distance-learning program as well as for students on-site. The distance learning program is taught entirely in Icelandic. The on-site program is taught in Icelandic the first year, but after that in English. The BA thesis, which each student has to complete in order to graduate, can be written in English or Icelandic. Classes begin in September.


































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